Here are the projects that I am part of.

since 2017: assisting in „Dance in change“ project at MUK, with choreographer Sayed Labib

since 2017: Teaching kids & youth (8-18 years) CLUBA.

I think movement and dance has the potential to connect us as a whole, the intellect, emotions, psyche and the body. I want to share this with young people. It´s not about the form of what you do, but how and why you do it. I want to give then that sense of liberation and changing mindset of „mistakes“. Every mistake is just an opportunity to learn something new.

since 2015: Bewegte Interaktion

Since March 2015 I am part of the Contemporary Dance project „Bewegte Interaktion“ which gives refugees the opportunity to work with the choreographer Sayed Labib in a 6 months process and develop a professional dance piece which will be performed on a big stage.

since November 2015: TOS

I am very glad to be part of the Theatre Open Space group („TOS“) which aims to broaden people´s awareness in everday life situation in public by performing interventions in public on the edge of seen and unseen, recognizable and unrecognizable.

since March 2015: Kids in Motion

I am happy to work for Kids in Motion where I teach children in schools and day care centers Creative Kids dance.