Spontaneous Dialogues

Spontaneous Dialogues I call my instant composition performances in different setting

In "Spontaneous Dialogues, Duo with a trumpet" the female dancer and free jazz trumpeter engage in an improvisational conversation, exploring the intersection between movement and sound. The piece centers around the concept of instant composition, allowing both the dancer and musician to react and respond to each other's movements and sounds in real-time.
The piece begins with the dancer alone on stage, moving in response to the sounds of the trumpet. The trumpeter then enters, and the two begin a call-and-response, with the dancer interpreting the music through her movements and the trumpeter responding with improvisational melodies. The dance and music intertwine and evolve together, creating a unique and dynamic performance each time it is performed.
The movement vocabulary draws from contemporary dance techniques, with a focus on fluidity and unpredictability. The dancer and trumpeter will work together to create a cohesive and expressive performance, utilizing the space and each other's energy to create a spontaneous dialogue between movement and sound.
Overall, "Spontaneous Dialogues" aims to showcase the beauty and spontaneity of improvised performance, highlighting the power of collaboration between two artists in different mediums.

Presented in Vienna, WUK in the frame of TanzTag 2019, Vienna.

This is a small clip of our performance in Vienna as a first Sharing, part of Raw Matters in 2017:

Concept and Dance: Veronika Kulcsar
Trumpet: Alex Valdés

Another “Spontaneous Dialogue” was during my performance for the musician Kiann live on stage, in Vienna 2018: