Showing at Raw Matters, Vienna

The solo dance performance "Transparency" is a piece that explores the themes of vulnerability, transparency, and the human condition. The big plastic foil, that is being interacted with thought the choreography, represents the skin of the human body. The foil is transparent, allowing the audience to see the movements and emotions of the dancer through it, although the human body seems to dissolve and become one with the foil. The stage is set in a classic theater style with a spotlight shining on the dancer and a lamp placed on the floor to the side of the stage. The dancer moves slowly and deliberately, emphasizing the vulnerability and fragility of the human body. The movements are designed to show the physical and emotional struggles that humans face on a daily basis and the transparent aspects of us aswell as the hidden layers within us. The emotions written on the skin of the performer and party covered by plastic foil are the not primary focus of the performance but rather serve as something becoming more and more in the spotlight, more and more transparent to the eye of the audience and to the performer herself. These emotions, such as fear, joy, anger, and sadness, are projected onto the audience, creating a visceral and emotional experience for the viewer. The use of lighting and shadows enhances the effect of the emotions and creates a sense of intimacy between the dancer and the audience. The performance aims to create a dialogue between the dancer and the audience, encouraging the audience to reflect on their own emotions and experiences. The piece is a collaboration between a contemporary dancer and a visual artist, and it seeks to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of contemporary dance. The piece is suitable for adult audiences and is approximately 20-30 minutes long. The performance can be adapted to different stage sizes and can be performed in both indoor and outdoor settings.